Congratulations to Prime Minister Mottley!

Welcome to the virtual island of Barbados. While pictures alone cannot portray the magic to be experienced on this perfect jewel of the West Indies, they are a good starting place. To fully embrace the Bajan beauty, style and essence it must be done in person. I have assembled some photographs and information that I feel will entice you into a visit. There is a good reason why people who have come to the island stay fairly quiet about it...they want to keep it all for themselves.

This is also the place for Bajans, either in Bim or out, to find each other online. We encourage all Barbadians to submit your name, e-mail address, current location and home parish to us so we can include you on the list. And while you're here, why not see if you can find some of your own friends or misplaced family members? You never know who you'll find here...

I took over Bajans on the Web in 1999 from a friend who was unable to continue with the maintenance. It was meant to be a companion to my Virtual Barbados website, but it took on a life of it’s own and became more successful than I had imagined. There were very few websites dedicated to Barbados back then, but Bajans on the Web was, and is, the only one to register yourself and possibly find friends and family that you have lost touch with.