This is the place for Bajans, either in Bim or out, to find each other online. We encourage all Barbadians to submit your name, e-mail address, current location and home parish to us so we can put you on the list.

***The first five steps listed below must be followed to register, if they aren't your entry will be discarded.***

 DO NOT use ALL UPPER CASE or all lower case, such as "JOHN Q. PUBLIC" or "BLACK ROCK", "john q. public" or "black rock", any entries in all upper or lower case will be discarded without notice.

 Your Name, including last name and middle Initial (If you have one). The initial helps sort out duplicate names and makes it easier for you to be located. Believe it or not, a lot of people have the same first and last names.

 Your e-mail address.

 Your current location. Please include a city and state, or city and country if you are outside of Barbados. Do not include house or street numbers, it's a security precaution.

 Your home Parish or the Parish where you are best known to be from. We would prefer your part of the Parish also, like Black Rock, St. Michael. Please include just one, when there are two or more I have to choose which and my choice may not be as correct as yours.

 OPTIONAL - School info. This seems to have a following, i.e.: school and years attended


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